an authentic story...

An authentic story...

We have been crafting paper notebooks and diaries in our workshop in Bergamo for over 50 years. During our life’s work we have been fortunate to contribute to the Lombardy region’s craft heritage.
We believe that the alchemy of our family is at the heart of each collection we create.

As with our own family we nurture and care for our work with an ethos of respectfulness and authenticity. Our collections are designed and made in Bergamo Italy, where we live.

Our work has provided us with many rich experiences, which is what we believe is living a real life. We have received awards over the years and what we hold above all, is that our collections are valued by our customers. We have collaborated in design with like minded people from organisations such as La Scala & Louis Vuitton.

We continue to be innovators of world first artistic processes and every day we love working with our exclusive materials in our craft workshop.

We very much hope you share our love for what we make.

The Castelli Family x