the importance of paper...

The Importance of Paper...

Paper begins as a blank canvas much like us.
Paper grows old as we do and bears the marks of a lifelong journey.
Paper, like us has a memory that is indelible, what you put on the page, stays on the page.

Historical Context of Paper...

It is widely agreed that paper was invented by the Chinese in 105 AD during the Han Dynasty. Paper’s popularity spread slowly to the west via Samarkand and Baghdad. Paper making in Europe started in Spain and Sicily in the 10th century by the Muslims living there then. The use of paper gradually spread to Italy and Southern France reaching Germany and other northern European countries by the 1400’s.

Since its invention, paper has literally written itself into our history and our lives. I cannot imagine the bible not in book form or the Magna Carter being recorded in stone etchings. Paper has given us many gifts and continues to give us much enjoyment. The lyrics for ‘Imagine’, Einstein’s E=MC2, even the story of Romeo and Juliet used paper in their creative processes.

I believe my response to paper is a very personal and creative one. Paper has a feel, a smell, a look that evokes a response in me that I find difficult to reproduce. For me paper is something that enriches my life in ways I often don’t notice in my daily life.

Paper is like a complex yet reliable friend, who is sensitive and adaptable. Paper has many different uses and can be changed into things that are completely different to its original making.

Paper’s characteristics are shaped by the way it has been made, which allows a completely unique personality to emerge. That personality helps me as a human being connect.

You can get a real feeling from the paper before you read a single word or absorb a fraction of an image. We still look at the design of posters and magazines from 30, 40, even 50 years ago in awe of their beauty and elegance.

If paper were to be a friend, paper would be a warm and complicated soul. A friend filled with expectation of the future whilst having a fantastic memory. Paper is my trusted companion that will remain with me for a lifetime.

For me paper is now so much the ideal trusted companion that I gain benefits in my private and professional life.

In my corporate life all businesses find paper the absolute tool of necessity. Note taking, idea development are to forms of usage in a corporate setting. Castelli has many clients functioning in a digital world that promote themselves through the personal medium of paper. The feedback I receive is that human beings are behind the technology and they need and like using paper.

In my private life I like to mindfully draw, to reflect and write notes to those I love.

This is then used to craft promotional products with significant corporate brand advantages and values. It is this combined with our made in Italy label that makes a really worthwhile business gift.

We very much hope you share our love for what we make.

The Castelli Family x